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System Design - Creating An Organic Sustainable Design

"True Organic" system design that exceeds current environmental standards


You may think that organic system design only applies to the agricultural field but in todays environment organic system design applies to all aspects of business.

At True Organic Technology we apply this concept to the idea, concept and implementation of all the products and services we provide.

As engineers we know that the way to solve a large problem is to break it down into smaller problems. As we break this down we eventually come to a problem that can be solved in and of itself. Any software, database or program works on this fundamental principle and anyone designing these things that does not take this approach should be politely asked to find another profession.

TJD True Organics and its' associates take any system from computer and database architecture to organic gardening and manufacturing facility design from concept to operation and beyond. Our team is diverse, ranging from systems design engineers to industrial engineers and software and database engineers. We have over 100 years of staff experience and will be with you every step of the way to give you a system that will not only work today but be infinitely expandable long into the future.

Start up? Or, looking to start a new firm? You know how important it is to conduct thorough research on an appropriate technology or platform before committing an investment. And, its an integral part of a business plan that you're submitting to funding agencies. Take advantage of True Organic Technology's unique service offerings, and ensure a great start.

You have the vision. We provide careful planning and dedicated execution to bring your project into reality. Whether you're a start up with your first product, or an ISV diversifying into a different product-line, it's a challenge to create a new product. TJD True Organics integrates seamlessly with your team leaving your on site resources doing what they do best–tackling roles that are customer-facing and prioritizing the product feature-set. Your domain knowledge and market understanding will be well-complemented by True Organic Technology's technical, process, and management expertise acquired on scores of challenging product development engagements.

Organic Engineering Systems (OES) are organic, hydroponic, aeroponic or aquaponic farming technologies that are designed as a building engineering system. The main purpose of these technologies is to grow food in buildings. This certainly applies to the systems we design for our hydroponic systems. We refer to our design services as ecological engineering. We consider this a holistic approach to design and take it beyond hydroponics into all aspects of business

By approaching your design needs from an organic viewpoint we can dissect the areas of your design that are not organic and make sure they are sustainable and environmentally sound.

The materials, the system as a whole must be able to survive with the ever changing environment in which we live. By making it organic we also make it sustainable and expandable to meet todays needs and future needs of your business.

Books On System Design

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