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System Design - Creating An Organic Sustainable Design

Alternative energy is a must to sustain our future. Wind energy is a vital part of that future

New Age Wind Generation

You have traveled around and seen the windmill type generators that dot the countryside. That is old school. Introducing two new concepts in wind generators.

No. 1 EAWT systems

Watch this ten second video and the difference will be obvious.

No more ugly windmills towering into the air. These are aesthetically pleasing and can be put in areas where you could not put the windmill type. They generate wind at slower speeds (as low as 3 MPH). It generates energy at higher speeds (200 MPH). It is not harmful to wildlife. (The cage is protected so birds or other wildlife cannot get to it. It has less moving parts. (lower maintenance). Easy to transport and assemble. All the interior space is usable (battery storage etc.) The benifit list goes on and on

No. 2 Bladeless Wind Technology

This technology is still in the experimental stages but the trials have been promising

A Short Explanation

Vortex Bladeless is a vortex induced vibration resonant wind generator. It harnesses wind energy from a phenomenon of vorticity called Vortex Shedding. Basically, bladeless technology consists of a cylinder fixed vertically with an elastic rod. The cylinder oscillates on a wind range, which then generates electricity through an alternator system. In other words, it is a wind turbine which is not actually a turbine. For more information on this cutting edge technology Follow This Link

Vortex Wind Cycle

Image from: Duke University

Style of Cylinder
  • A. Stator’s fixed part
  • B. Alternator’s mobile part
  • C. Stator’s support

Books On System Design

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